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A selection of some of our best selling Condoms

We all love the feelings that great sex offers, and whatever your needs, or however you like to play, it's of the utmost importance that you play safely - to prevent unwanted pregnancy, not to mention the spread of STDs.

Condoms are an excellent way to play safe, and experiment, but it's fair to say that for many men, finding the right condom isn't as easy as it sounds; when it comes to condoms, then it isn't simply a matter of “One size fits all”, and many men struggle to find the perfect fit, which can be frustrating - especially in the heat of the moment, as you may discover that the girth size doesn't match the head size, or vice versa.

It goes without saying that penises come in many shapes and sizes as do sex toys and sex aids, and guys and adult toys tend to fall somewhere in between with regards to condom sizes, but a little knowledge about how the manufacturers design condoms will assist you when you purchase your next pack of contraceptives, making it more likely that you'll find your perfect fit.

Some of the descriptive terms that you see written on the side of packs are “straight”, “flared”, “large head” and “tapered head”; these are classifications related to the penis base width and shaft shape. Thin Condoms, such as Lummel Tuten Ultra Thin, tend to be straight, meaning that they are same width at both the base, and the head, of the condom. These condoms are recommended if you have a thinner shaft, and Lummel manufacture high-quality, ultra-thin contraceptives. If your penis is wider at the head than at the base, then it might well be worth at looking at brands which are advertised as “larger” or “comfort fit”, as they expand easily, providing you with more room, and so accordingly can be easily slipped over your shaft for the ideal fit.

Magnum Condoms, by Trojan, offer maximal comfort, and are security triple-tested, thus ensuring a safe and secure way of contraception. Close fit, or narrower, condoms are preferable if you have a wider base, and require a tapered tip to fit the head of your penis. These prophylactics have additional benefits, too; their tight fit can also allow you to stay harder for longer – a little like using a cock ring, granting you an extended and more powerful orgasm.

Pasante Ribbed Condoms are available in a pack of twelve; these are flavoured condoms, which can add a little fun to the proceedings. Not only are these condoms sold in various flavours, but they smell amazing too, engaging multiple senses at once and heightening your sensitivity - all the way to sexual overload! These condoms are also fantastic for those who enjoy oral sex - or for those who don't particularly enjoy the taste - and of course, they make rubber contraceptives a tad more fun - you can work your way through the variety of great flavours and their associated scents.

Those seeking alternative sensations should keep a lookout for condoms which incorporate stimulating lubricants; for example, the Shared Pleasure condoms by Trojan. These lubes can enhance sensitivity, or otherwise supply warming sensations for either one, or both of you. All the great, trusted Trojan qualities, alongside the added pleasure and stimulation of a warming feeling shared by the two of you. This type of condoms guarantee a highly satisfying experience, placing the heat firmly back into the bedroom - and your sex life.

Ribbed Condoms are favoured by many, and it hasn't hard to see why after you've experienced the pleasure of the quality assured Durex Durex Ribbed Condoms, granting heightened feeling to your partner, causing arousal and added stimulation that she won't forget in a hurry.

If you're sensitive to the materials that condoms are often fabricated from, you still need not shy away from this tried-and-tested method of contraception, as non-latex condoms are available. This type of condom is suggested for those who may wish to experiment with alternate methods of protection; non-latex condoms improve your sensitivity because the heat from you, and your partner, is transferred. These condoms are also non-scented and have zero taste, making your sex a little more natural.

There are plenty of great deals to be discovered when buying condoms; big brands come in at highly competitive prices when you shop online for protection. Not only will you be able to unearth some great deals, you will be able to determine just which variety of sheath is your ideal condom - one which suits your needs, and fits you comfortably - so you need never be unprepared. The range of contraceptives available to men at this present time furnishes you with maximum protection, and pleasure, every time.

So take your time; there's lots of fun to be had - while experimenting on your quest to find your perfect condom...


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