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    Anal lubes are designed to make anal sex more comfortable for both of you. We have a range of anal lubes that are designed to be safe to use in any situation, that can be used safely with toys without destroying them, anal lubes that are water based, desensitising lubes and sachets that deliver just the right amount each time. If it's your first attempt at anal sex then we can offer you anal easing lubes that will help with penetration of either your partner or one of our fantastic anal sex toys. Our most popular anal lubricant is the originally named Anal Lube! We have to varieties, which is the unscented version which comes in a black tub or a cinnamon scented one which comes in a red tub. Another great brand is the ID Pleasure Lubes which comes in three different sizes and really does make anal sex so much more easier. We also supply little testers that have a small amount of lube in them that'll give you one try. If you're trying a few different ones out then this is a good cheap option before you buy a larger bottle. Check out our range below and buy in confidence from Honeylicious.

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    Toyjoy Premium Waterbased Lubricant 0.00Read More
    Toyjoy Premium Waterbased Lubricant Bio Health Sterilelubricating Jelly 0.00Read More Bio Health Sterilelubricating Jelly Crazy Girl Wanna Be Daring Anal Ease 0.00Read More Crazy Girl Wanna Be Daring Anal Ease Anal Bleach Gel 3ml 0.00Read More Anal Bleach Gel 3ml Classic Lube 0.00Read More Classic Lube Anal Lube 0.00Read More Anal Lube Ice Touch 0.00Read More Ice Touch Wet Original Lube 0.00Read More Wet Original Lube Climax Bursts Sampler Box 0.00Read More Climax Bursts Sampler Box Ultimate Encounter Thick Anal Lubricant 0.00Read More Ultimate Encounter Thick Anal Lubricant Wet Light Lubricant 0.00Read More Wet Light Lubricant Anal Joy 100ml 0.00Read More Anal Joy 100ml
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