We've got long ones, bendy ones, glass ones, rubber ones and curly ones! We stock lots of different types of dildos and you can browse them all through our sub categories to the right. Search for different kinds of materials to achieve the greatest sensation and don't forget to use one of our toy cleaners and cleansing wipes to keep your dildo in tip top condition. Remember we offer a 365 day returns policy so if you're not happy with your new dildo you can return for a replacement. We've selected a range of different ones below for you to choose from. We can offer glass dildos which are great for getting that extra sensation - you can put them in the freezer to get a stone cold thrill, or you can put them in the microwave to reach that warm comfort thrill! We also offer a range that can be fitted to your strap on to change things around a bit. Available in all colours, shapes and sizes along with a range of different materials such as real feel skin types. It really will feel like the real thing! Our sizes go from 4 inches all the way up to 12 inches, so we'll have something to accommodate anyone!

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A selection of some of our best selling Dildos

Dildos are a great introduction to the world of sex toys; there's so much choice accessible that you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs. These adult aids are easy to control, and comfortable to hold too; they tend not to be too heavy, as they're made from a variety of materials. These devices sell by the millions each year across the world, and it isn't hard to see why - they have so many uses and can incorporated into all kinds of sexual play; although their most common use is vaginal penetration.

A good starter dildo is the Basix five inch dong, finished in a realistic flesh colour, or their six inch dong - this rubber toy is available in a variety of colours and feels, it's not overly intimidating as it hosts realistic features and size. In addition, it doesn't contain any phthalates, which ensures that it is BodySafe, thereby reducing the risk of an allergic reaction. Use with a compatible lubricant, to keep things comfortable, and this dildo is the ideal choice for those new to adult toys.

Some toys have a realistic feel and look; this indicates that its texture feels soft, like skin, and that it comes with all the features that a real penis would have. Doc Johnson have produced a great “real feel” dildo, the Vac U Lock Realistic 8-inch Cock; this toy is packaged with a secure vacuum attachment, and includes all the elements a woman would want. It's no wonder that women have been known to fall in love with their toys...

Trying different positions can help you customise, and personalise, your experience; suction cup dildos, such as the Basix 10-inch suction cup dildo make great toys for riding. These toys tend to reach the g-spot, so you gain added stimulation upon penetration. If ten inches sounds a little too daunting, then you can find smaller, six inch versions by Basix as well. When using toys in this position, it's worth remembering that those which advertise themselves as “realistic” tend to boast increased flexibility, which further enhances the pleasurable experience. Of course, these adult devices are not just for vaginal play, they are fantastic for anal play, too, and after a little acclimation, they can greatly help you to relax, and release unwanted tension. Toys with a slimmer and firmer feel are preferable for anal use, such as this eight inch classic dong, Your favoured size all depends on what you feel comfortable with, of course; listen to your body and you will soon learn what is right for you.

If the world of adult items is a little daunting for a novice, then you can always invest in one of the available beginner's kits; these kits normally provide a fine array of toys, in varying designs and styles, affording you a sample of what's on the market before you embark upon a major purchase. Most contain dildos constructed from jelly, which retain their shape, and have an attractive bulbous base, specifically designed for anal use, so you don't end up on an embarrassing trip to the doctors; it can't get lost inside.

Toys using words like ''Teaser'' or ''Entice'' are recommended for introductory play, as they provide an example of what it's like to play, utilising varying materials and textures. Some devices perform double-duty and vibrate too; these adult toys tend to stimulate the clitoris and can are sometimes equipped with a clitoral stimulator, which will work in time with the movement of the dildo caused by your body. There's so much choice available within this subcategory; and they're incredibly versatile too.

Glass dildos work marvellously well during sensory play as they can be heated or cooled, adding a whole new dimension of highly arousing sense-related pleasure to your sex. These items have an incredibly classy and elegant look to them and are fantastic, if you're feeling a little adventurous.

The capacity for self-exploration is a basic advantage to these toys - masturbation with dildos and stimulators grants you a much more intense experience. Of course if you prefer things which err on the larger side, then you can certainly find something to accommodate you; for instance, take the American Bombshell Ballistic or the Bunker Buster from Doc Johnson; these bad boys pack a mighty girth, in addition to a huge ten point seven inch length!!

There is lots to explore and tons of fun to be found - you may uncover new ways to play as you investigate different ways to be touched; new approaches to be enjoyed solo or to be integrated into your sexual play with your partner, as being happy and confident concerning the toys you use can result in a fulfilling sex life that brings you and partner closer together. There is so much pleasure waiting to be unlocked within these pages, and the pleasure is truly yours.


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