Classic Dildos

Our range of classic dildos have no gimmicks, and no surprises. They're just a simple phallic shape made from varying kinds of rubber and jelly. We stock them in various sizes and colours with some as low as £10 - amazing value! Why go for the classic then? Well some people like simplicity; they just require a tool that's not overly complicated, is a normal size and a normal shape to get the job done; a no thrills of the sex toy world. They come in a range of different materials like jelly, which creates a soft effect allowing you to get the dildo into the right position or hard plastic ones which allow better accuracy. Some have a little bit of detail but nothing like our realistic range. All of this means that we're able to bring you classic dildos that are under just £7. Great value whilst still maintaining high quality materials. Keep them clean with our great range of cleaners that have been designed to not eat away at the materials these products are made out of allowing you to keep them clean which will also make them last longer giving you even more value - buy from Honeylicious, we promise we'll look after you!

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