Dildos With Balls

Get an even more realistic effect with our dildos with balls. There are a couple of advantages to these dildos with balls. Firstly they create the look of a real phallus and scrotum which can help many women reach orgasm faster and secondly because of the way in which the balls are attached to the base of the dildo they can create a slapping motion when the dildo is thrusted, again creating a piece of reality that will help you get off! The weight of the balls at the base also help with pushing the dildo all the way inside. These products do tend to be fairly heavy when they are made from jelly or rubber due to the amount of material used to sculptor the balls. The material gets thinner closer to the base on some versions in order to allow the balls to swing! Made from rubber or jelly, they help with the thrusting action by giving you a better grip and simulate the slapping of balls to help reach that ballistic orgasm heaven. Comes in a variety of colours. Don't forget to use some of our great value toy cleaners to keep your toys in great condition.

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