Oversize Dildos

Looking for something larger than usual? Our large or over sized dildos are the ones. They're flexible enough to reach every area you want to reach and will quite adequately fill both holes. Our oversize dildos start at around 10 inches and go up and up and up! It's not just the length that is important, you also have to consider the girth or how wide they are. A wider shaft means that you are able to stimulate not just the back of the vagina but also the side walls which are open to stimulation just from the feel of one of these wide boys squeezing in. Combine with some clitoral stimulation and you're creating a recipe for some Earth shattering orgasms! Girth size can range from 3 inches upwards and some women would say the fatter the better. Most are made from jelly and because of their size they are quite heavy in size (don't worry, delivery is still free) but the extra weight allows for less thrusting and allowing the weight of it to do all of the work for you! So if you need dildos in extra large sizes then we're sure we can accommodate you - question is, can you accommodate them?!

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