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Are you looking to improve the size of your breasts without surgery, looking to intensify your orgasms with the use of some of our excellent sex toys? Or maybe you're just looking for a male companion in the form of a male sex doll! We have it all in our sub categories at the right, go and check them out. We're also displaying a list of some of our more interesting female products below that we feel you may benefit from; such as the clitoral pumps that will increase the size of the clitoris so there is more of a sensitive area to stimulate with some of our other great products! If you're looking to increase your bust size then we're able to provide a range of breast creams and also pumps. The latter will get you instant results through the use of vacuum suction moving blood into the bust area, perfect if you're looking to have a one off night out or a steamy session in the bedroom. In our sexual health category we carry a range of intensifying gels that will heighten sensations and make an excellent addition to our range of sex toys. Remember we offer free gifts if you spend over a tenner!

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A selection of some of our best selling Female Essentials

In addition to the sex toys that we buy, there are a small number of other essential products that we should keep handy, in a top drawer somewhere, or inside our toybox. As women, we are always seeking ways to achieve a positive body image, pondering upon how we can enhance what we have naturally, rather than opting for extreme - and at times horrific - procedures that costs tens of thousands of pounds. This needn't be the case; and with this quick guide to keep at hand, we can showcase some of the very best products on the market, commodities which, with dedicated use, will generate - and enhance – your new confidence, which in turn will show you how you can embrace your inner femme fatale every time you open the door and leave your house.

Don't, for instance, be disheartened by a smaller bust; many women would like to increase their breast size, and there are diverse options available to us which should help keep our breasts pert and sprightly!

The PerfectC Breast Enhancer boasts that it can deliver increases in breast size of up to three cup sizes. This natural herbal supplement is said to increase the supply of hormones, which mimic the oestrogen, that women produce naturally. So who says you need to save up for implants or breast lifts? This enhancer is thought to be used by celebrities throughout the United Kingdom - it's been proven to be a safe and effective way to enhance that which we were given.

Using suction is a great technique to increase the size of your breasts temporarily. This method of breast enlarger pumps blood to the surface, so you experience a heightened level of sensitivity. This type of pump can be integrated into various styles of sensory play, so not only do you attain bigger breasts, but also achieve extra stimulation and sensitivity to boot! Just place over your breasts, and use the hand pump, until you obtain the desired size.

Ben Wah balls have been around for hundreds of years; they are known by many names, but they all do the same job. Orgasm Balls, such as these, work by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. They're simple to use - all you need is a little lube, then you insert one ball at a time, then let your muscles do the job of holding them in naturally. Not only do these female essentials create stronger orgasms, they offer added health benefits as well; for example, they help with incontinence issues. These balls can be worn at any time, (so they can, for instance, perk up a trip to the supermarket, and some variations can even be worn during sex, for added stimulation). Truly one item that every female should own and use.

What woman doesn't like nipple play...? Achieve the correct stimulation of the nipples, and everything else will fall into place. There are many adult toys and devices that can be implemented into nipple play. The Nipple Arouser is perfect for increasing sensitivity - easy to use, slip-on rings which pull as tight as you desire; equally fitting for either solo play, or a little BDSM with your partner. A nipple chain can also add increased sensitivity to your play, enhance your BDSM skills by attaching weights and other bondage implements... so much versatility to be experienced and enjoyed, a must have for any woman who enjoys her nipples being played with.

We all want to feel desired, and we'd all love to the feel the glow of attraction – and we can increase our chances of this happening by using psychologically-accredited pheromones, which naturally attract the opposite sex. By using Female Pheromones, which cannot be detected by the eyes or the nose, you create a psychological connection and interest as the subconscious picks up on the pheromones; a very cunning way of adding a little science into the proceedings, without anyone being any the wiser.

As women we tend to concentrate on maintaining a youthful appearance, allowing us to grow older gradually, and look for great for our respective age. Using a quality facial moisturiser is essential for keeping fine lines at bay and reducing the effects of weather and pollution that we encounter every day; as this moisturiser not only keeps our skin hydrated, it prevents it from drying out, or producing too much oil, which causes pores to become clogged. Striagen DS is a top end, anti-ageing skincare treatment, which has been proven to furnish similar results to those achieved via high cost injections. This cream is an anti-ageing dermal therapy treatment, which contains a selection of natural ingredients, to restore and balance a youthful appearance, in addition to repairing damaged skin on a long term basis.

We've highlighted just some of the female essentials that we perhaps could invest in, permitting us to get the most from our sex lives- and enhancing our own inner internal, and external, beauty, allowing us to experience a heightened sense of well-being, a feeling which not only enhances our lives physically - but psychologically as well.


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