Clitoral Pumps

Clitoral pumps, what are they?! Well, believe it or not they are pump, but not just any pump, these are special pumps designed for women and to improve their sexual experiences and to heighten their and intensify their orgasms. So, how would a clitoral pump do that?! The pump usually has a bulb attached to them which when pump sucks all of the air out of the chamber which at this point should be attached the genitals and sealed (they are designed and shaped for that). Now that all of the air has been pumped out this creates a pressure difference which means blood is going to naturally flow towards that area and principally into the clitoris thus making it larger. As the clitoris is a sensitive area that is designed to be stimulated making it larger means there is more of a sensitive area that can be stimulated. are great for drawing more blood into the clitoris. This will make it large and increase the area that can be stimulated with our great range of clitoral vibrators. Some are manual pump action and some are automatic suckers that can also vibrate at the same time giving you a more intense orgasm.

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