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Want to play a sexy bedtime game? Here we have a range of games that can be played with your partner to make that moment more pleasurable and funny! Get sexy on that romantic weekend way with our couples weekender kits. We offer underwear that is made of sweets that can be chewed off one by one, making that sexy night in even better! Make that night even better withholding temptation by using some of our sex vouchers, that you can issue to your partner one by one that give them free access to do various naughty things that it says on the voucher. We can also offer a range of sexy sweets too, great for hen parties shaped like a willy, and if you've got a sexy night planned why not freshen your breath with our range of sexy willy mints! In our hen and stag section we've got a great range of items that would go great or any stag or hen party, from L plates to sashes that tell the world that you're about to get married! There a range of Erotic books here too to get you in the mood! Choose from our subcategories at the right of this page.

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A selection of some of our best selling Fun And Games

When arranging the perfect evening to spend with your partner, whether you desire a little raucous, raunchy fun - or something a little more seductive and sultry - with some careful planning with regards to whatever products you may just happen to have hanging around the house, you could open the door to a whole host of exciting fun and games which you and your partner could embrace, providing you with an evening filled with fun and pleasure - and one which you'll remember and will want to repeat in the near future.

It doesn't take much to unwind, in the more-than-capable hands of your loved one, when you have the Sliquid Balance Escape Massage Oil Collection close at hand – it's made from natural ingredients, and infused with herbal blends, allowing you and your partner to truly unwind and relax after a long week. Add a small amount into the palm of your hand to warm the oil, then seductively spread over your lover's body, working the oil into their skin and kneading it deep into their muscles. This collection is available in two sizes, so you can be assured that you won't exhaust the sexually alluring aromas that will suffuse the air as you take your time to enjoy one another's bodies.

If your lover won't keep still for long enough whilst you sensually massage them, however, why not restrain them with FSOG Promise To Obey Arm Restraints? These stylish restraints, cast in the chic Fifty Shades Of Grey signature colour scheme of silver and black, make an appealing addition to any box of sex toys and to your bondage gear, too; tease and torment them while they're under your control...

Happy Lola products can certainly add some fun to your night; if you're on a fitness kick, then why not introduce the Happy Lola Counting Ring? This assortment of cock rings will measure how long a guy lasts with each session, so you can work on improving your personal best and reaching new targets. Cock rings are a great way to experience stronger orgasms, making him harder for longer. These adult toys make great sex training devices, when you need your man to perform - and stay on task!

The Happy Lola Orgy Love Dice Kit interjects an element of risk and fun into play. Use all five dice to determine what sexual act you will be performing, how long for and who to; this game is full of naughty surprises, because you're never quite sure what you'll be experiencing next.

Or why not leave messages for your lover, using the Happy Lola Hanger Kraft, These hot and sexy suggestions are guaranteed to be noticed by your partner, so they'll be able to supply you with exactly what you require from them. A great way to leave some (not-so-subtle!) hints...

When things start to get steamy, this is the right time to initiate the use of Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel; this clitoral stimulating gel gently adds a cooling sensation, thereby generating a luxuriance of diverse clitoral sensory play. It's slick and it slides on easily, blended with some of the finest organic produce, to create an utterly exquisite experience, which you'll be thanking your partner for time and again.

One of the most vital essentials, and one that can add an abundance of pleasure, is lubricant; lubes make things feel nicer, reducing friction so sex - and using sex toys - becomes a comfortable experience, helping you to relax, so you can thoroughly enjoy the pleasure that lies ahead of you. Water-based lubes are the preferred accompaniment to sex toys, as the other varieties can soon erode the toy's material. These lubricants tend to be slightly thinner, so you may need to apply a little more, as they soon slip around.

Sliquid Ride Bodyworx water-based lubricant is available in sachets, which is a great way to prevent wastage. This lube is recommended for use with sensitive skin and cleans up easily, so there's no need to worry about the bed sheets. For a little water play, then try using a silicone-based lubricant such as the specific one sold by Sliquid Ride Bodyworx. You'll be sure to find the lubricant to suit your needs; Bodyworx offer a wide range of lube, including some mixed organic varieties which can double up as a massage oil. Sliquid Organics Silk are available in elegantly designed packaging, using the best of ingredients, so you know you are buying a quality product. When it comes to bedroom fun and games there really is no stopping you with regards to what you can achieve simply by adding a few essentials to your sex toys kit. Let your imagination run wild, and get ready to live out some of your fantasies. There's a lot to discover, and explore; and there's no greater way to enjoy it than to make a game from it; so much fun to be had, and so little time, so why not start today?


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