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So you’ve bought the sex toy and now you need to get the lingerie to go with it when you take your sexy weekend away. We have a massive range of lingerie and sexy clothing and most of our range is one size fits all so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. We’ve got plenty of bras, knickers and thigh highs.

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A selection of some of our best selling Lingerie And Sexy Clothing

Every woman wants to feel hot, and there is nothing sexier than treating your loved one - or yourself for that matter! - to a new item of lingerie or sexy clothes. Being able to slip into something which heightens your confidence is an incredible sensation, one that every woman should experience - regardless of shape and size. There's something out there that's sleek, sexy, and waiting for you; so you can either slip into something a little more comfortable, or add a touch of sex appeal and glamour to an existing outfit.

It can be easy to confuse differing types of lingerie; some varieties appear similar but they tend to have some subtle differences – so this guide is here to give you the lowdown; from pantyhose, to underwear and sexy nightwear, we take a look at some of the most popular and seductive styles.

There's nothing like fishnets to add a little “tease” to an outfit; they look great teamed with heels, to dress up - or even worn to dress down, or add a touch of sex appeal to alternative apparel; every woman should own at least own one pair of fishnets and Leg Avenue Nylon Fishnets, available in red or black, offer you both style and a comfortable fit. If tights are not exactly your thing, then Leg Avenue also offer Nylon Fishnet Thigh Highs; these stockings incorporate a comfortable, yet firm, non-slip top, to aid confidence and boost sex appeal.

A timeless item of underwear is the corset; this vintage style fits tightly, so your waist appears smaller, and hips and bust look larger - if it's womanly curves you're looking for, then a corset is a must. This highly adaptable, extremely feminine design has captured the imagination of women for well over a century. This item of sexy lingerie is highly adaptable and can come in many styles; some may host buckles and restraint, allowing you to release your inner dominatrix, while others made of sheer satin and lace embody the height of sophisticated elegance. Corsets are all boned, which means they have strips of plastic running through their seams, ensuring that they fit tightly - to bestow upon you the ultimate in feminine Va Va Voom!

Why not team your corset with the Leg Avenue Garter Belt and Stocking set? These nylon items are stretch for comfort, granting you a streamlined appearance, lengthening the leg and slimming the hips. Team them with a pencil line skirt, or a dress with split seams, for the ultimate technique of seduction - certain to catch your lover's eye. Tease and torment to your heart's content with these sexy essentials.

Basques are often confused with corsets, but these aren't as tight and are rarely boned. Sexy underwear doesn't come much sexier than a basque; they tend to extend from shoulders and sit at the waist, and can be worn underneath clothing or otherwise as a main feature - if you wish to turn heads. Basques are flattering if you have an ample chest or bigger hips; attain the look of a classic Hollywood goddess and sway your hips as you transform into a sultry siren. Basques can also be referred to as bodices and are sold in many styles and materials, from PVC to silk and lace - the perfect addition to any lady's wardrobe.

A teddy is an item, frequently an all-in-one, with a clasp crotch - or otherwise crotchless - and which is made from sheer materials; sexy, and specifically recommended for women with smaller chests and and hips, because they cut high and keep everything in place, yet still afford a glimpse of what's underneath. Their designs can be versatile, too; they're ideal for a dinner date, worn underneath your favourite dress. A backless teddy, such as the Leg Avenue Deep Teddy & Panty, are perfect, close fitting items which grant a sexy and streamlined appearance, the ideal sex aid to virtually every little black dress a woman could ever possibly desire.

Baby-dolls should be a requisite item for any lady; they're highly sensual, and flatter every body shape. A short, loose fitting piece of lingerie, they are often cupped, or else contain a bralette to accentuate curves, and highlight the appearance of a fuller bust. The skirt flares out, sprawling alluringly over the midriff and thigh. The ultimate in sexy nightwear and lingerie - team them with sheer stockings with a seam that rides up the back of the leg for maximum female sensuality – Nylon sheer stockings scream “Sex Sex Sex!”

Whatever your preferred choice of nightwear or sexy lingerie might be, there are plenty of options available on this modern sex toys online market, accommodating women of every shape and size; allowing you to feel a million dollars every time you slip into “something a little more comfortable”. So take some time and choose your ideal outfit; ignite a touch of passion and feel the desire that a new item of sexy underwear or adult toys offer.


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