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Does you partner take quite a while longer to climax than you do? An intimate part of love making is the ability to climax together and if you don't want to use or protective delay condoms then it can present a problem. Not anymore though with our range of delay creams and sprays! How do these delay creams work? We hear you ask! Well, basically these products are supplied in two forms - sprays and gel/cream. Both are applied to the head of the penis at the most sensitive part and they contain a numbing formula that doesn't damage your meat and two veg. The numbing makes you, well, numb at the most sensitive part of your genitalia. This desensitising allows you have sex for much longer whilst still feeling enough to actually enjoy along with your partner. The normal movements of intercourse will eventually wear the formula off (again this will not harm your partner either), at which point you will be come sensative again and should be able to climax as normal. Want to perform for longer during sex? We have a range of delay sprays and delay gels that will help you have sex for longer. They work by desensitising the tip of the penis so the sensation is numbed allowing you to go for much much longer.

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