So, the sex doll is a bit inconvenient if you live with room mates or your parents are hovering around, so having one laying around isn't really going to be a viable proposition! So you need something that's going to be discreet, not raise suspicions, can be hidden away quickly if you're rudely interrupted. Well, not to worry, because we stock the full range of Fleshlights! Amazingly titled because it looks like a torch, but when you take the cap off it turns into a masturbator! It's not going to light up the room but it will light up your sex drive! Fleshlights have now developed to the point where some of them have been modeled on some of the World's most famous porn actresses. So now you can watch your favorite porn movie and use this an imagine you're in the film yourself...brilliant! Fleshlights are the world famous male masturbators. We stock the full range that are discreet because when sealed they look like a torch, but when you're ready to use them they're designed to feel like a real vagina of some of the best adult performers in the industry. They range in tightness and if used with warming lube will feel even more real.

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