Privacy Policy

We are secure and do everything we can to protect your privacy. Read more about our 256 bit encryption certificate that ensures all of the data you pass onto us is kept secure and private.

Your Privacy

At Honeylicious we take your confidentiality and privacy very seriously.

We appreciate your confidentiality and privacy, so we ensure that we protect you by the means listed below:

Our website tracks what pages have been visited, so as to improve your customer experience. We do not spam you with targeted advertising, and any information gathered on page viewings is anonymous. No cookies or spying techniques are used to (re)target marketing to you after you visit the website.

When you enter information such as your address onto our site, it is transmitted securely to our database using verified HTTPS encryption. If you do not order or make a reorder, your details will be deleted from the database after 12 months.

When buying goods from Honeylicious by debit or credit card, you will be passed to Secure Trading when entering card details, as we prefer not to hold on to credit/debit card information and rather allow security professionals to handle this data.

The transaction on your bank statement will have no mention of Honeylicious or details of the products ordered. The transaction will show as Stand Consultants Limited to protect your right to confidentiality. If you order using PayPal, the transaction will state HL Product, again to ensure your right to complete privacy.

Your order will arrive in a sealed opaque plastic envelope, with no mention of us and the returns label on the back will be marked with the company name as mentioned above. In addition to this, we never send invoices to your billing address or any other mail such as marketing material to your delivery address.

You will only receive emails from us if you specifically opt-in to receive them, and we do not pass on your information to third parties.

Your Security

To protect your information, we use a secure certificate to ensure that any information you send us is encrypted when sent to our server.

GeoTrust handles our encrypted connections. When your order is placed and you enter your private billing and delivery address, you will see a padlock next to which verifies that the page you are on is secured and encrypted - running on HTTPS rather than unencrypted HTTP.

As mentioned above, we never store your credit/debit card information on our server. We use a professional payments company, Secure Trading, to ensure that your credit/debit card details are not compromised. We at Honeylicious only ever sees the last 4 digits of your card, so as to allow us to action refunds.

If you would like to confirm the validity of our secure certificate, please click the GeoTrust logo below to check our status.

If you would like to confirm the validity of our secure certificate then you’re welcome to click the padlock at the start of our URL.

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