Handbag Vibrators

They're small and discreet and will fit into your handbag's secret pocket! The idea of handbag vibrators is to get some relaxing pleasure when you're not able to be at home. So you may be at work, or on holiday or you have room mates in your house. They're quite small, usually less than four inches in length and are very quiet. We also stock a range of personal massagers such as the Mini Pocket Rocket which come with an assortment of different heads to allow you to get hat instant orgasm you might be craving for after a long stressful day at work! We stock a wide variety of different colours, and ones that don't even look like vibrators, just in case you happen to get caught out. There's some that look like lip gloss and others like toothbrush heads - check them out below. Most of our handbag vibrators use small batteries such as the AAA or a small watch battery. Don't worry about working out which ones to choose though as we supply all the batteries you will need with your order. Add that on to our free returns policy and our range of free gifts when you spend at least ten pounds and we offer great value.

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