Hands Free Vibrators

Look, no hands! Hands free vibrators are great for getting the stimulation you require without using your hands (funnily enough). The idea being that more excitement will come from the fact that something else is doing all the hard work and in this case it does - all you have to do is sit on them! Hands free vibrators come in an array of different styles. One of our more popular products is The Cone which because of it's wide flat base allows you to get into the perfect position and then you let The Cone do the rest! Many of our hands free items have a suction pad on the base which allows you to stick them to floor, wall or fridge, freeing up your hands so you can use them to stimulate your clitoris or adjusting the various settings on the vibrator's control pad. The idea of these vibrators is that you can use your body weight to get into the right position and also move your entire body around to create a more realistic effect that you could maybe achieve by using your hands. We can supply all the lubes you may require and all of our orders come complete with all the batteries you would need and a complementary gift as a thank you for buying from us.

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