Small Vibrators

They're teeny and they're tiny.... Small vibrators are small principally for their discreetness and because they're small they're easier to handle and to get into the right position to provide you with the stimulation you require to get into orgasm heaven! They usually take one or two AAA batteries or even sometimes a small watch battery, because, well, they aren't called a small vibrator for nothing! They will fit in your handbag without any problems and can be taken anywhere, if you do though, remember not to choose bright luminous pink, you know, just in case! Apart from that no need to worry because we guarantee it to work for up to a year or we will replace it! Our most popular one is the Loving Joy Little Lady Finger which at less than two and a half quid is brilliant value for money, especially as it comes with a free battery and you'll receive it on a free shipping service! Our range of small vibrators are great for discreetness, our Little Devils range even come with a pouch to store it in. They fit nicely into your handbag, and they even have multi-speed vibrations. Just the thing when the mood takes you in places that are not your bedroom!

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